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• 2021-09-20 • Breeding season

It was a very busy breeding season for our herd sire LF Aarmaan Vittorio. The interest in him was overwhelming, and he bred over 40 mares this year. We would like to thank all the breeders from near and far, big and small, for believing in him. We are sure that every single foal born next year will contribute to create a legacy of distinct type, the LF Aarmaan Vittorio type!

• 2018-12-02 • LF Aarmaan Vittorio

LF Aarmaan Vittorio(Magic Magnifique/LF Aliyyah Vivendi) already breed his first mares...
We want to thank all breeders who brought some of their finest mares to him...
We expecting 12foals 2019, 4 from our own mares LF Klintz Aliyyah,GDF Nadirah,LF Maysha Malikah and Noelle...
We are all very excited...

• 2018-12-02 • LF Klintz Aliyyah

We welcome back LF Klintz Aliyyah from france,where she was sold as a little foal to Danielle Klein-Klintz Arabians! She is the only daughter from our deceased Aliyyah Vivendi-who was known worldwide for her extraordinary beauty! Many thanks to Danielle and her family, letting us have her back!

• 2017-05-22 • LF AARMAAN VITTORIO

Our LF AARMAAN VITTORIO had his show debut in strong competition at Tulip Cup International B Show in Holland and took 3rd place at yearling colts with Tomasz Kotynski (TK Arabian Center).
no photo

• 2017-05-22 •

See how LF Aarmaan Vittorio is doing at TK Arabian Center! See him at the next shows this year.

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